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Srikshetra Auxiliary Marketing Services Pvt.ltd is in corporation under company act, 1956 and its corporate identity number is 2700 or 2011 PTCO12925. www.samesepuja.com is the website of Srikshetra Auxiliary Marketing Services Pvt.ltd. This website deals with online marketing of prasads, spiritual and divine products of different temples of India, provide value-added services to the general public, promoting cultural heritages and all other web related services. Prasad’s or Prasadams is also known as Bhagwan Bhog or Sacred food which we offer at the altar of God and then `distribute to every for blessings. We are in touch with many Priests and pujaris form almost all Mandir’s or temple dotted throughout India. On your Behalf i.e. on customer’s behalf we offer bhog or prasadams at any Mandirs or Temples doted throughout the country. www.samsepuja.in is an all-in-one online solution creator especially for those person who do not have time to go for puja have an option to order e-Puja,e-Mahaprasad,e-Bhog and to fulfill their wishes and procure Prasads i.e. to get temple Prasads at their door-step.
We are having another website i.e www.samsmovieticket.com .It is an ‘entertainment technology solution provider’ headquartered at Puri, Odisha, India.We assist the consumer to “skip the Q” with easy access to movie ticket bookings with multiple payment option through our online.

“I With sandal smeared the bluish body, garlanded, with yellow clothes.
With jewelled earrings on the cheeks, to and fro the smiling roves..”